The Ferrari Of Your Dreams Coming To Gran Turismo 7

Gran Tourism 7 continues to expand its contents through continuous free updates, normally, with new cars, circuits, modes and other improvements. In the ce at hand today, version 1.27 h already been releed with up to four new vehicles already available and a fifth that will arrive in a few days; And we cannot lose sight of this lt car to get to the game this year, since it is the new exclusive Ferrari of the Vision Gran Tourism series, a racing car that we will not find anywhere else.

Gran Tourism 7 receives the Ferrari Vision Gran Tourism

Among the four new cars already available part of the 1.27 update of Gran Tourism 7 we find the Alfa Romeo Giulia Guam '20, a modified car to make it more sporty than ever that w launched to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the brand and that counts with a v6 biturbo engine tuned to the maximum that gives 540 hp and a much lighter frame than the standard model.


The second of the cars is the mythical Toyota Celia GT-Four Rally Car (ST205) '95, a myth of the Rallies of the mid-90s, both for its victories and for its iconic decoration. We continue with the Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray '20, the latest version of the American sports iconic that h this time with a central engine instead of the clsic frontal disposition. All this with a most aggressive design and benefits at the highest level. Although the most striking car in the lot is none other than the Bugatti Chiron '16 and its huge 8-liter W16 engine, four turbos and 1,600 hp with a maximum speed that exceeds the 400 km/h. Finally, it will not be until December 23, 2023, when the lt car of the update is unlocked with the expected Ferrari Vision Gran Tourism, a circuit car bestial the exclusive futuristic of Gran Tourism 7 capable of exceeding 1,000 hp A 9,000 rpm thanks to the combination of a powerful combustion engine and three other electrics. Do not miss everything about this new Ferrari in our article dedicated to the lt member of the Vision Gran Tourism initiative.

This new update also adds the Norway landscape for the Escapes photographic mode.


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