Ubisoft: Paws and Leaves gewinnt Newcomer Award

The Newcomer Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the German video game industry and has been awarded by Ubisoft since 2007.

As part of the significant award ceremony of the German Designer Reward 2022, the Ubisoft Newbie Award was awarded for the tenth time. The young price this year went to the video game Paws and Leaves: A Thracian Tale, which was established by the studio Grown arts. The adoringly created video game world of the 3rd-person game Paws and Leaves-A Thracian Tale uses a remarkable and immersive experience.


In the body of a fox, accompanied by a speaking butterfly, gamers embark on a painful journey searching for the past and the lost sense. The sensitive handling of a major subject exists by a high-quality, audiovisual discussion and not just provides a lot of exploration potential in the main game world, but also in a mystical parallel world.

The colorful and incredibly lively aesthetic appeals ensures a relaxing atmosphere to prepare completion of the video game for a psychological journey. The winning of the Ubisoft Newbie Award consists of a workshop with experts from Ubisoft, support during the more course of the task and an exhibit location at the status of the cooperation partner Indie Arena Cubicle at Games com 2023. More details about Paws and Leaves-A Thracian Tale and Grown arts can be found at: https://grownarts.com/de/pawsandleaves/ and on Kickstarter.


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