What is a mysterious acquisition in Darktide

Mystery Acquisition in Dark tide can be considered as Outbox, which players can use as soon as the currencies in Recuotrium Sire Melts Requisotrium can earn enough currency. This mysterious acquisition option can award players with high-level weapons, albeit with an accident. An unlocked weapon can even be a 530th weapon, which is currently weapons of the highest level in Warhammer 40k Dark tide.

Nevertheless, although it can be quite profitable, sometimes Mystery Acquisition can also be useless because its performance is not clear. Sometimes Mystery Acquisition gives you a weapon that you have already unlocked, and it can spend the coins that you earned in Requisotrium Sire Milk, performing various tasks.

This leadership contains a complete explanation of mysterious acquisitions in Dark tide. This will include how players can get there and what items can be unlocked using Mystery Acquisition.

how to unlock mystery acquisition in Dark tide

To use Mystery Acquisition and unlock the weapon in Warhammer 40k Dark tide, players must first perform various tasks in Sara Melba sickle. The players are held by Requisotrium Sir Milena every time they enter the lobby and go to the mission terminal, but it becomes accessible to you only after reaching the 11th level with a certain character.


Players should also keep in mind that if they reach level 11, and then enter the sivusitrium and after that change the character, this will become inaccessible to you.

Cincture Sir Melba is a city board on which you can perform various tasks, for the implementation of which you will receive a special currency. Below are some of the tasks that players are invited to perform in order to earn a currency for acquisitions:

  • Collect 50 diamond ins
  • Collect 200 plastics
  • Kill 750 apostates in close combat
  • Perform 3 secondary tasks as part of the HL-17-36 Power Matrix mission.
  • Perform 6 secondary tasks as part of the HL-17-36 Power Matrix mission.

If you perform 5 of these tests, you will receive additional currency. If any task is too complicated for completing, you can always use replace the task. Sometimes it will cost you money, but in most cases it is free.

awards for mysterious acquisition

As soon as you earn a currency, now you can buy weapons either through the acquisitions limited at the time or through secret acquisitions.

Mystery Acquisitions, although it can give you a high-level weapon, but this is fraught with great risk, since there is no guarantee which weapon you will receive. There is a very rare chance to get a high-level weapon that you can also use with higher characteristics.

However, the choice of Mystery Acquisition will give you three options from which you should choose which weapon you want. These parameters are as follows:

  • Unknown near-battle weapons
  • Unknown long-range weapon
  • Unknown defensive souvenir

Having chosen any of these options, the players will spend the coins earned earlier and will receive an unknown weapon as a reward.

Since greed is a curse, it is recommended that players choose a limited acquisition time instead of Mystery Acquisition, since it does not have a minimum quality threshold, and none of us want to spend coins earned for performing complex tasks on weapons of garbage levels.


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