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In this class guide to the caller in World of Warcraft: Dragon Flight you will find out:

  • What roles the caller can fill out
  • What special features he brings
  • How best to level him

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the caller: only available for Rather

With the second part of the pre-patch on World of Warcraft: Dragon flight, the new caller class finally came into play. The caller (Evoke) starts at level 58 and is only available to the Rather. These are humanoid dragons that fit perfectly with the background of Dragon Flight. The Rather also get their own folk skills:

  • Face: turn into your humanoid shape or into the dragon form.
  • Wing push: push your enemies away from you.
  • Schwanzfeger: throws enemies in the air.
  • Slide: Reduce your fall speed-works just like the demon hunter.
  • Sail: jump into the air and fly around. You can use forward thrust and climb to sky.
  • Forward push: increase your speed during sailing and gives you a small boost forward.
  • Ascension Gen Hummel: Win some height during sailing, but you lose some speed.
  • Awakened: increases your championship in the devastation specialization by 2.5 percent and 1.8 percent in preserving specialization.
  • Sharp eye: Increases your perception by 50. You used to recognize herbs and ores.
  • Well-known sky: increases your flight speed by 20 percent to continents that you have completely explored.

The sailing particularly stands out, since the rather can use the feature of the dragon riding in a stripped down version. Like the worsts, you can switch back and forth between your animal form and a humanoid shape.

the roles and specializations of the caller

The highlight of the caller: he is a ranged fighter, but acts to medium range. For comparison: Magicians and Co. have an average of 35 to 40 meters in range-the skills of the caller usually only have a 25-meter range. This faces a completely new challenge if you want to play the scaled magician.

The caller can use two specializations: devastation and preservation. The DPS specialization is devastating, and in the contemporary tree everything revolves around the healing of allies.

special feature: rechargeable skills

However, the Draconian magician not only has normal spells that are provided with a magic bar. He has rechargeable skills as his own mechanics. These become more the longer you hold the assigned button and have three stages. He can also carry out various spells in different sizes. For example, you can summon a landslide of different sizes, depending on the duration of the magic.

The skills of the caller are divided into the colors of the various swarms of dragons:

  • Red and blue for damage
  • Green and bronze for healing
  • Black for defensive skills and CC

What resources do the caller use?

The Evoker is wizards and healers-like the other classes, they use MANA fundamentally. In addition, they have so-called essence points. These work similarly to the runes of the death knight, so regenerate after a certain time and are consumed by certain skills.

What equipment can I use with the caller?

The caller uses heavy armor and shares the loot with hunters and shamans. He can also use the following weapons: fist weapons, daggers, swords, mace, axes and rods.

Talent specialization of the caller

As a caller, it is best to level in the devastation specialization. You also skill your caller so that you do as much damage as possible at several goals, as you can achieve your quest goals faster. You can see the skill at level 60 in the screenshot below.

Alternatively, you can also import a skill with the following string in your game:

How do I play the caller?

So that you can plow through the opponents with your caller as efficiently as possible, you should orientate yourself on the following list of priorities. Have the various effects of your rechargeable skills in your head and use them according to the situation.


  • Uses stake at +3 destinations and to consume essence
  • Used deep breath at +3 targets
  • Uses fire at +3 targets
  • Wore on Cooldown and depending on the number of opponents at different stages
  • Shattered star on Cooldown
  • Uses disintegration in the fight against 1-2 goals and to consume essence
  • Living flame at 1-2 opponents
  • Azurschruch at +3 opponents

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