A Closer Look At Anno 1800 On Console: DLCs, Plans For The Future & More

A great four years after its original release on the PC, Anna 1800 now comes for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X | s. Soon prior to the launch, the Ubisoft developers respond to the most essential questions about the console variation.

In the FAQ, not only the differences to the PC version are made clear, but also clarified how DLC material is, or with which frame rate the structure simulation need to run on the consoles. There is likewise information about cross-play and cross development and the possible input methods of the Anna 1800 Console Edition.

Anna 1800: Your essential questions about the console variation for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X | S

In the course of an in-house blog site entry, the Ubisoft Mainz group wishes to have a few concerns again, which came up both weeks ago during and after the livestream, with which Anna 1800 for the PS5 and Xbox Series X | s existed a couple of weeks ago, commit. In addition, there is a view of another video in which the developers wish to speak about the task again at the end of the month.

Anna 1800: Console Edition just comes for the next-gene consoles

Of all, the designers discuss that with Anna 1800 on the console you desire to offer the finest possible video gaming experience, which is why you have decided on a release for the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft from the start.

You do not have to make compromises or get rid of functions to deliver the same gaming experience that we would otherwise also take pleasure in on the PC.

will there be a physical variation of the Anna 1800 Console Edition?

While there should be a standard edition that will include the complete basic video game for around 40 euros, the Deluxe Edition includes the 3 extra cosmetic LCS and costs about ten euros more. The standard variation is likewise available as a physical version for picked dealers.

important differences between the PC and console variation at a summary

The console variation of Anna 1800 features the standard game and all significant totally free updates that have likewise been readily available for the PC in the previous four years. The aim of the designers was to use the full Anna 1800-basis gamer experience on consoles. For this factor, not only the entire interface, but likewise the control was modified, and an extended tutorial was added beside the Annoyed. The latter is a sort of game-internal wiki with information about all functions and mechanics of the game.

What about cross-play and cross progression?

The console version of Anna 1800 ought to not just allow bigger multiplayer matches with as much as 16 players, however likewise have up to 4 players per team communicated in co-op mode. The multiplayer mode is just supported by gamers who move on the exact same platform. Cross progression, on the other hand, is possible between the Xbox Series X | s and the PlayStation 5.

which input approaches need to exist for the console version

In order to make it possible for a smooth video gaming experience with the controller, the designers totally upgraded the interface and the control of the console version. You can confidently bid farewell to mouse and keyboard. The other method around the PC variation: it is optimized for using mouse and keyboard, which is why the developers are presently not planning a type of controller support.

Which frame rate should have 1800 on the console?

There is also information on the Frame rate of Anna 1800 on the next-gen consoles on the part of Ubisoft. In view of the complexity of the game with big cities in 2 areas, a frame rate of 30 FPS on the consoles wishes to deliver a liquid gaming experience.

so it is about the DLC material for the Xbox and the PlayStation

Good news for all fans of additional content: Although on the console you focus on the base game of Anna 1800, which need to provide a number of hours in regard to fun anyhow, however the free video game updates that were available on the PC, as in the past, included. For publication, the first 9 cosmetic LCS are to be offered directly for purchase. The dragon garden package, which was only recently published, in addition to the 3 other cosmetic LCS, which are planned in 2023, must likewise follow in the additional course. The Season Passes, on the other hand, do not concern the console.

Was additional DLC content for the PC marked on the basis of the console variation?

Ever since, both brand-new content and totally free updates for the PC version of Anna 1800 have actually been released. Although both old-serving Anna designers in a group with brand-new colleagues who have actually been contributed to the project, the console variation would work, but the plans to complete the development of the PC version were chosen regardless of the console variant.

The designers likewise commit themselves to a rather critical question. Apparently a couple of fans wondered whether the advancement of further DLC content for the PC version was declined due to the Console Edition. Ubisoft does instructional work at this point and makes it clear that the console edition would be under development given that autumn 2021.

Fresh food from the Anno-fore

Anna 1800 will be launched on March 16 for the Xbox Series X | S consoles and Sony's PlayStation 5.

With a particularly interesting concern, the designers conclude the round: As was pointed out at the end of in 2015 in an article about the future of Anna, part of the team is currently working on a new project, which is currently still in a really early conception stage situated.


As an outcome, it is not yet time to talk about the task, however you always delight in the ideas and desires of the community.

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