Apex Legends Mobile & Battlefield Mobile Canceled On iOS And Android: What Went Wrong?

Regardless of a game rate of the year both at Apple and at Google, Apex Legends Mobile did not appear to have the success wished for by Electronic Arts. The publisher has actually just announced the closure of the title within three months. Considering that its launch in May 2022, the title had not truly made the news more, so that the quality of the updates was down.


It is not us who presume it, this is what Respawn Entertainment specifies on its main website:

At Respawn, our goal is to supply gamers with games that are always extraordinary. After a good start, a certain variety of material for Peak Legends Mobile might not reach the anticipated quality level.

The studio likewise indicates the finger that the advancement rate was not strong enough to satisfy expectations. For these factors, the cleaver falls, and the exact same goes for Industrial Toys, which hitherto was accountable for the advancement of this mobile version. In addition, Electronic Arts also confirms the straight-out cancellation of the advancement of Battleground Mobile, while the title was to lead the Frostbite Engine, the house engine of Dice and its publisher, on the iOS and Android platforms. So it won't be. This abrupt drop in enthusiasm for the mobile game market on the part of EA is not truly a surprise, especially due to a market in which it is increasingly tough to break through, regardless of qualities of a video game.


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