Cookie Run Kingdom: The Best Filling for Cream Puff Cookies & How It Enhances Team Support

Cream Puff Cookie is a charming epic support of support, which prefers the rear position in the team. Despite the fact that at first she was one of the most unsatisfactory Cookie Run: Kingdom, since then she has redeemed herself with a buff, which is now able to inflict huge damage. It succeeds both in the arena and in the study of the world, and, among other things, it can be combined with Twizzle Gummy Cookie.

The best assembly of filling for Cream Puff Cookie in CRK

Cream Puff Cookie has a unique kit in which its skill can be used with different probability of success. A higher percentage of CRT increases its chances of great success, so it is important to focus on creating this characteristic. It also suffers from a long time for recovery, so it is necessary to reduce the recovery time to maximize its damage. Given what has been said, here are a few recommended combinations for cream puff pastry: x3 juicy apple jelly + x2 rapid chocolate (Best-In-Slot)-gives Cream puff the best of both worlds X5 JUICY Apple Jelly-increases CRT Cream Puff, but loses its recovery time X5 SWIFT Chocolate-focuses on reducing the recovery time due to the effectiveness of skills. Regardless of what fillings you choose, be sure to focus on bonus statistics of CRT and reduce recovery time.

The best treasures for cream puff cookies in CRK

Cream puff cookies are best combined with the following treasures: Squishy Jelly Watch-to reduce reloading Brightly looking braid-increases the chance of a critical blow. Other treasures that increase DPS, such as the scroll of the old pilgrim, will also benefit Cream Puff.

Information about the skill of Cream Puff Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Jellies Extremes!: Causes a tornado jelly in a large area, inflicting damage to the area and restoring the HP of the entire group.


The spell cannot cause critical damage, but instead there is a chance to cause it with great success depending on the percentage of critical damage.

Made with great success, the spell will cause more damage and restore a larger amount of HP. While Cream Puff Cooke uses its skill, it brings shortly resistant to interrupting effects. Skills specifications: Cool: 16 seconds Single blow DMG: 469.5% (from 0.4 to 0.5% DMG per level) Successful spell: 1166.8% (from 1.1 to 1.2% damage per level) Recovery: 103.5% of the attack (from 0.1 to 0.2% of healing per level) Successful spell: 238.6% of the attack (from 0.2 to 0.3% of healing per level) To find out more about the cooks of cookies toppings, read the assembly of Best Financier Cooke Toppings in the Cookie Run Kingdom here, in the game guidelines for professionals.


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