Cosmic Smash Sega Classic Returns for PS VR2 - A Look Back on the 2001 Japanese Publisher Sega Launch

In 2001, the Japanese publisher Sega launched the futuristic sports puzzle Cosmic Smash. The game was playable in various European and Japanese arcade halls. It was likewise released for the Dream cast, Sega's last game console. You play a futuristic variation of the Squash obstacle sport. You need to strike the specific cubes on the wall in front of you. If you have actually caught all the cubes, the next level starts. Incidentally, unique impact techniques and motion maneuvers bring extra points. The online part likewise offers you the chance to complete against players from all over the world. VRS represents VR on the one hand and on the other hand for versus. The responsible designer is called rapideyemovers. It is a newly founded studio that establishes its very first project with Smash VRS. Experienced designers are at the start who have actually dealt with titles such as The Last Employee and Red Infinite.

demonstration planned for next month

You can learn whether you like the stylish VR video game before the release. On March 23, a demo variation will concern the shop. Utilize this to play alone in training mode or to compete online. It should not take long up until the publication date is announced. You can put the title on the dream list if you are interested. In our video game overview: You can see the announcement trailer: By packing the video you accept the information defense declaration from YouTube.


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