Exploring the Icons of Hogwarts's Heritage Map: An Overview of the Map's Functionality

Although the map in Hogwarts's Heritage may look incredible, its functionality is a completely different matter. In particular, on the map of the Hogwarts castle it can be difficult to navigate due to its three-dimensional structure. The castle has many floors, secluded corners, nooks and secret passages, so you will need any help you can find. We will explain all the icons of the card in the Hogwarts Heritage.

icons of the Hogwarts map Heritage of Hogwarts

The Hogwarts castle map is three-dimensional and beautiful, but not very functional if you do not understand its icons. Here are all the icons on the Hogwarts map and their meaning: Flag icon: denotes one of the six sections of the Hogwarts Castle. They are listed on the right side of the screen. Icons of fireplace flame: these icons look like a bowl of burning fire. The badge will light up in green if you once reached a fireplace flame, unlocking it as a place for quick movement. If the icon is gray, you still need to unlock this teleport point. They can also be found on the maps of Hogs mid and the world. The door icon: these icons indicate the exits from the Hogwarts castle to the big world. Quest markers: these are the marks of shields with a small point in the center. The gray shield indicates the side of the side quest. The yellow icon indicates the whereabouts of the main plot quest. They can also be found on the maps of Hogs mid and the world. The Sun badge: As soon as you move further in the game, you will see the icon of the sun next to the native. The choice of this icon will allow you to access the fireplace icons for the required room and the map camera after you unlock them.

icons of the Hogs mid map from Hogwarts's Heritage

Fortunately, your Hogs mid map in Hogwarts's Heritage is a little more functional than the castle map. Here are all the icons on the map of Hogs mid and their meaning: Parchment icon: This is an icon for volumes and scullers you can purchase spells. Icon O and rod: this is an icon for Olivadersgda you buy your wand. Golden Snitch badge: this is an icon for sports needs Spin twitches, you can purchase and improve the broom. Icon bottle of potion: this is the icon for the potion J. Pipping you can purchase the ingredients for recipes and additional potions, if you do not want to cook them yourself. Wheat icon: This is an icon for the magic nipped you can purchase seeds of plants, fertilizers and additional herbs for your potions. Scissors icon: This is the location of the Strand store Madame Selling. Here you can change the appearance of your character, from hairstyle to scars and everything between them. Icon cylinder: This is a badge icon for magic clothing. Here you can purchase additional items of clothing and equipment. The unicorn horn icon: this is where the bred and the bee are located. Here you can purchase by-products of animal origin for craft. Star icon: this is a common icon to indicate attractions, such as a joking onto or three brooms. You can highlight these icons to obtain a more detailed description for installing a waybill.

icons of the world map Heritage of Hogwarts

The world of Hogwarts is vast, especially in the south. The card will be filled with color as your further study.


You will already recognize the icons of fireplace flame on the maps of the Hogwarts and Hogs mid castle. Here are other icons that you will find on the map of the world: Coat of arms of the badge: This is the icon showing the location of the Hogwarts castle in relation to the big world. Pig icon: This is the location of the city of Hogs mid. House icon: Small houses icons denote Hamlet. Here you will find a group of houses and, possibly, one or two sellers. Liszt icon: they indicate Merlin’s place of testing, which you can pass in order to increase the number of accessible equipment for equipment. Do not forget to stock up on Mallow sweet before leaving. The web icon: shows the whereabouts of the spider lair. Icon tent: indicates the whereabouts of a gangster camp. You Cave icon: these icons note the location of the storage of treasures. The wizard in the mantle of the badge: shows the location of the military arena, for example, the military arena of dark arts in the forbidden forest. The sign of the paw print: indicates the whereabouts of the log of magic animals, such as Pumpkins.

how to switch between cards to Hogwarts Legacy

There may be times when you are in the Hogwarts Castle and you need to quickly travel somewhere to the big world. To move between three different maps in Hogwarts Legacy, plunge the cursor and select either the left or right red strip in the upper part of the screen. Select the desired card for switching cards.

What is the difference between white and black flags in Hogwarts's Heritage?

Sometimes you may notice that the flag icon on the Hogwarts map changes from white to black, or next to the name of the map on the red upper panel, a black flag may appear. Black flags mean that in this area you have access to a side quest that you have not yet begun. If all six flag icons on the Hogwarts castle map are white, this means that in the castle there are no more side quests for you.

How to use the Hogwarts Legacy track points system from the card screen

Unfortunately, viewing 3D images will tell you little about how to get from one point to another, so more often use the track points system! To do this, you can allocate almost any of the three cards, select it, then press the specified button shown above to place the track point in this place on your current map and, more importantly, on your mini-card on the main one. The screen of the game.

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