First Look at Hogwarts Legacy: 67 Minutes of Blind Playthrough - An Unforgettable Adventure!

With Hogwarts Legacy, one of the most expected games appeared after the video game was postponed several times. Today anyone who owns the Deluxe Edition can begin their trip to Hogwarts. Our editor and media member Pride likewise goes on the trip to Hogwarts. Entirely objective, without previous knowledge and, if possible, without a big trailer or spoiler, we plunge into the Hogwarts experience in the following video and begin blind, so to speak.


Our Pride is communicative, openly and truthfully what happens in the video game. We have presently put a pilot sequence online on YouTube and are eagerly anticipating your feedback and our loyal users.

What do you think about a blind walkthroughs, so play through with no previous understanding? If you desire to support us, then share this video, sign up for the YouTube channel, leave a thumb up when you liked the video-and activate the bell so that you will be notified right away as quickly as a new video is released.


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