Learn Expelliarmus in Hogwarts Legacy - A Comprehensive Guide to Unlocking Disarming Spells

In Hogwarts's Heritage, the study and unlocking of new spells is an important part of the development of the plot. You will need to use various spells in battle and defeat enemies during various quests.


The expertsarmus is one of the most useful and well-known spells that you can use to disarm your enemies. Here's how you can study the disarming spell (expeliarmus) in Hogwarts's Heritage.

how to unlock the expeliarmus spell in the Hogwarts Heritage

Exallearmus is one of the most convenient spells that a witch or a wizard can add spells to his arsenal. You can use this spell on your enemies to quickly disarm them for a moment, and use combined spells to inflict damage in battle. You can unlock Expelliarmus quite early in the game. To unlock this spell, you need to perform Professor Hecate Task 2. To complete the task 2, you need to complete two tasks. The first is to dodge 10 times to protect yourself from enemy attacks. The second task is to use the Intended spell five times. You can use Intended after the completion of the Heat 1 task. Both tasks can be performed in two ways: find enemies in the open world or fight with crossed wands. If you look beyond the borders of Hogwarts, you will probably find enemies that are wandering around.

Enjoy them in battles and continue to dodge as many times as possible. Remember, you need to evade 10 times to complete the first task, as well as use Indio five times on your enemies that will complete the second. If it is difficult to find enemies outside, then you can always go to the battles of crossed wands. They take place inside the school, where you are entrusted with defeating your classmates in battle. After you learn Levies and Audio on the first day, go to Lucas Bratty, after which you can challenge other students on duels. In the duel of Crossed Wand, you can achieve both goals by fighting with several opponents. Having completed both tasks, go to the protection of the dark arts, where Professor Hakes will teach you a disarming spell (expeliahrome) in the Hogwarts Heritage. To find out more about the Hogwarts's Heritage, read the section Is it worth it to give Duncan a sheet of a poisonous tentacle in the Hogwarts heritage? In professional game guidelines.


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