World of Warcraft: Dragon Flight - A Shadow of its Former Self

The launch of World of Warcraft: Dragon Flight was anything but smooth. The current MMO expansion from Blizzard Entertainment mostly received good reviews from the professional press and from the ranks of the neighborhood.

Some fans even described it as the best add-on for numerous years. This spirit of optimism is not necessarily noticeable in the sales figures.

Dragon Flight goes through Shadow lands

Just recently released Activision Blizzard the existing company figures, although World of Warcraft (buy now) likewise played a crucial function. The publisher has not moved out any particular info about the number of subscribers for many years, however at least there are indications of the sales success. Accordingly, Dragon Flight was not sold as typically as the previous growth of Shadow land, without being understood to be more precise figures. Nevertheless, the designer studio Blizzard Entertainment does not desire to be pulled down and rather prepares numerous new material for Dragon Flight. Although the early sales figures of Dragon Flight have not reached the level of the previous expansion, feedback on the part of the community is favorable. Blizzard has actually already revealed strategies to publish substantially more follow-up content for the existing growth than held true in the past. In addition, the variety of staying customers in the west is above that of previous extensions. Appropriately, Dragon Flight has not sold as many as Shadow lands. But obviously the current add-on can keep the gamers a little longer. It is therefore not unexpected that the developers want to add new content as quickly as possible in order not to diminish the variety of subscribers.

that brings dragon flight in 2023

A few weeks back, Blizzard Home entertainment had released a roadmap for World of Warcraft: Dragonflies t. The group is presently working on Update 10.0.7 with jobs for top-level characters.


Between spring and summer, the starting signal for season 2, which will not just bring a brand-new location, but likewise another RAID circumstances, will bring. Season 3 is on the program before the end of the year. Source: Activision Blizzard To web page Share comments 1 in Twitter Share Article


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