Find the Markers - Roblox: How to Get a Skinny Marker

Locating markers might appear simply an additional experience in the design of garbage hunting, in truth, he offers an instead complicated card with more than a couple of complicated keys that need to be found. From these on November 6, 2021, to integrate, to locate the added markers of eleven more markers for gamers, including the one that we will certainly take into consideration in this quick management, a slim marker.


exactly how to find a skinny pen in Find the Markers

After appearing in Find The Markers, head to the woodland location of the map and strategy its terrific despair. At the base of this hill, there should be an impromptu staircase along which you can reach enter its dark cavern. Instead of climbing this ladder, we actually desire to turn around and locate a little transparent opening that can be found in the rock behind us. A skinny marker is hiding in this hole! You might have to turn Change Lock to squeeze as well as get to it.

To obtain this marker and add it to your Marked, just go and tap it. Afterwards, you should get a pop-up window below. That's all! Looking for even more material Find the Markers? Take a look at our current overviews regarding how to get a tan marker in Find The Markers-Roblox or how to obtain an alternate pen in Locate the Markers-Roblox here in Pro Game Guides!


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