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During your adventure outside the Hogwarts Castle, you can run into an anguished elf near the Black Lake. RNA is one of the many characters that can give secondary missions that give you several rewards, such as cosmetics, when completing your missions. In your case, it will become a merchant who sells a special article. If you need a guide to complete the Carted Away secondary mission at Hogwarts Legacy we can help.

How to complete Carted Away Quest at Hogwarts Legacy

When you talk to RNA, he will tell you that a group of loyal to Rank stole his cars after he said he did not support his bloody uprising.

The merchant will inform you that their belongings must be in the nearby Goblin camp and will warn you of danger. Of course, your player character will never listen to such caution and will go there anyway. Image credit: avalanche software through The Goblins camp must be marked on your map once you accept the mission. If you have obtained your first broom, the trip will be very fast, but the distance is still manageable even if you are on foot. If you still don't know, you can run at Hogwarts Legacy by pressing R3/RS in your controller or holding the capital key on your keyboard. Image credit: avalanche software through Once you have reached the camp, you must defeat all Rank followers in the area. There are a dozen of them in total, and some appear in the middle of the fight after having defeated several Goblins. You may want to first eliminate the sentinel loyal, since they can improve their allies and complicate the battle. Image credit: avalanche software through Once you have defeated all opponents, you can release the cars from their prison opening the metal door.


The wagons will begin to move for themselves and return to their owner. You do not need to wait for cars to arrive, and you can simply return to the merchant immediately. Your character will inform RNA about the good news, and will be so happy that he plans to create a painting as a tribute to the good relationship between elves and magicians. You can discourage your decision, but it will not matter since the merchant has already made a decision. In addition to getting the cosmetic helmet made by Goblin, completing the secondary mission will also allow you to buy some RNA products. The goblin sells some useful items, but the most interesting object of its store is the silver arrow broom, which you can buy for 5000 galleons. So, that will be the end of our guide on how to complete the Carted Away secondary mission in Hogwarts Legacy. If you need more help with other missions of the game, be sure to consult these articles of. Related Posts All bright beasts and their colors in Hogwarts Legacy How to get the phoenix pen at Hogwarts Legacy How to fix Take the Biscuit Error at Hogwarts Legacy How to open the main door at Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy has missions that can be lost?


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