Solve the Mystery: Unlock the Main Door at Hogwarts Legacy with Natsai Onai and the Right Spells Set

During the search for The High Keep with NASA OAI, you will find a complicated mechanism that requires a specific spells set to unlock. However, even with the right skills, players can have difficulty deciphering this complicated puzzles of the game. So, if I currently face this problem, we will show you how to open the main door in Hogwarts Legacy.

How do you open the main door at Hogwarts Legacy?

To open the main door in Hogwarts Legacy, players must unleash repulse in the mechanism several times, then use action to pull the handle. Those who do not have these spells can learn action from the Charms class (at the beginning of the game) and repulse of Professor Sharp's first task. However, since the main door unlock procedure is a bit complex, we will explain it in more detail. When you throw a spell on the object, you will notice that the barrier does not rise completely, finally blocking the main door handle. Therefore, you must continually perform repulse in the mechanism until it has a clear shot to unlock the entrance of High Keep.


Image Source: Avalanche Software through Then, you must change and point to the handle quickly, since the barrier will eventually fall again. Image Source: Avalanche Software through Once you complete this task, NASA will help you open the next door. If you need help with the rest of the mission, you can check our Missions Guide The High Keep. It should also be taken into account that players will be rewarded with the first Flying Mount at the end, where they can fly through the sky with the majestic Hippogriff, High wing. So there you have it, this is how to open the main door in Hogwarts Legacy.

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