We are a game blog providing game information, news, and tips for our readers. Our team comprises native English speakers who can write articles to bring you entertainment and the latest game information. There are various game blogs on the Internet. As one of them, BEECOM® provides you with everything you need for the game. This web blog contains news, reviews, and previews of newly released games. The friendly tone and thoughtful comments and descriptions allow you to be prepared before the actual purchase.

All in all, we sell facts and help dreams come true by providing what you want most: to report on what is happening in the digital entertainment world in a comprehensive and timely manner! In 2021, my friends and I have a great idea. Now, this exciting thing is full of hype among people worldwide, like a video game competing with tea time.

BEECOM is one of the latest PTB (professional, timely, and characteristic) game information websites for the latest games. In the one year since its founding, BEECOM has unveiled the most popular games and released various excellent game-related services for gamers in need.
BEECOM 24/7 brings you a large amount of new information about game releases, the most innovative videos, and the latest popular game updates anytime, anywhere.
Our professional game experts always provide a detailed and complete overview of particularly popular ARPG, FPS, or other types. More importantly, even if you were not interested in video games before, our website is easy to access.

Let us dig deeper into this matter! BEECOM is a game information blog with ancient charm. More than just giving you access to new game versions and popular game updates. We also provide one-stop game service links, forum packages, video streaming links, etc., all available. Of course, we cover games on a global scale to provide you with the latest e-sports information when they are available in your country/region.

In the new game industry competition, BEECOM aims to be a leader in safeguarding the interests of game players by providing one-stop services. We divide its services into games, game reviews, and advertisements. Our priority is to provide real-time game news about new and popular games.

Our services are mainly for people who are interested in video games. People who apply the service include players/game players of all ages, parents who take care of their children, and industry professionals who review games. The target customers cover different age groups, primary professionals from 18 to 40 years old, and players/game players of all age groups from 3 to 65 years old.

We release many new games every month and professional reviews by our full-time team members in the Greater China region to attract more customers.


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